Product Launch

Product Launch
September 29, 2018 Foluke Ajayi

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There’s a part of us that wants to scream out loud in joy and we are going to let it rip at 3pm, but for now, we will keep it together and not shock the customers we have in store.

So you know The Lekki Gift Company is really big on quality right?

We source, we curate, we pack, we wrap, all with “quality” at the back of our mind!

What is news though, is that we’ve been busy in the kitchen cooking something big and now that the cooking is done, we are ready to serve it to you, hot hot!

Over our two (2) years in business, we have gotten to purchase a lot of products, some we have loved, some we have totally hated (yes), some we have even had to drop off our shelves just because they didn’t meet up with the standard and quality that embodies what The Lekki Gift Company is about.

Because of this, our love for the finer things of life and most importantly our desire to bring you the very best products, we set out to create something that’s uniquely ours. Locally inspired and internationally influenced.

Safe to say… we joined the “sweet gang”… Our creation is a labour of love that we cannot wait to share with you, our customers, our friends, our family…

So tune in at 4pm (local Nigerian time) for our big reveal and be ready to shop for something sweet and nice.

Thank you for the love and support.


From All Of Us Here At The Lekki Gift Company