Independence Day Gifting Chronicle

Independence Day Gifting Chronicle
October 1, 2019 Foluke Ajayi

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Happy Independence Day to us the green, white, green humans of Nigeria!

59 years of independence is no joke, and it reflects on us as a people, as an entity. While sometimes maintaining the unity despite the diversity of cultures that form up the Country is tasking to say the least, we always find a way to pull through. And that’s what we, at The Lekki Gift Company as a Nigerian brand is celebrating!

Our uniqueness, our diversity, our ability to adapt and recreate ourselves time after time!

Earlier today, we received a request to curate a gift box that had to be fulfilled within an hour and had to be colour themed to the Nigerian flag  (which is green, white, green). It seemed daunting because of the timeline and also because of the need to adhere to a two tone colour scheme.

How do we curate a gift box for a mentor male recipient in his 40’s while ensuring the contents were all green and white in colour we pondered? But in our usual fashion, we put on our gifting caps, and got to work. Including items we love and hoped the recipient would appreciate into the box.  The “greening was real” but we pulled through, sent a photo to the customer and got a “yes I’ll take it” response!

Guess the natural green and white in our DNA’s came through!  Huge smiley.

To celebrate the day and our win, we shot an explanatory video. Our independence day was greenful, how was yours?

Thanks for sharing the moment with us by reading and watching…

Till soonest….

Remain Awesome,


From us at The Lekki Gift Co

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