Gifting Journal

  • Jul292022

    What Are You Up To This Weekend??

    Hello People, It’s the weekend once again and the weather forecast says there will be a low tendency of rain,…

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  • May302020

    Body Cleansing Made Easy: Ways To Use Bath Salts

    Lazy Saturday indoors, or just an evening after an hectic day… how do you ease the stress off? Whats that…

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  • May132020

    The Giving Itself Is A Gift That Gives Right Back

    Gifting Purposefully Welcome to Gifting Purposefully, a series exploring our recommendations for giving intentionally. This week: we view gift-giving as…

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  • Oct012019

    Independence Day Gifting Chronicle

    Happy Independence Day to us the green, white, green humans of Nigeria! 59 years of independence is no joke, and…

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  • May082018

    When Love Called…

    Hello, “Is this The Lekki Gift Company” a masculine voice enquired. “Yes it is” we responded in our best succulent…

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  • Apr252018

    A Smile In A Box

    Welcome to our Gifting Journal, a series exploring the thoughts and intentions behind the gifts we help customers choose or…

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