Body Cleansing Made Easy: Ways To Use Bath Salts

Body Cleansing Made Easy: Ways To Use Bath Salts
May 30, 2020 Foluke Ajayi

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Lazy Saturday indoors, or just an evening after an hectic day… how do you ease the stress off? Whats that one thing you can indulge in to get you into a space of restfulness and positivity?

Our answer is Bath Salts!

A good cleanse with some indulgent bath salts is just what you need to wash away the days stress and get you feeling good with yourself and the world at large.

You know just the way a pinch of salt can add flavor to every dish, that’s the same way bath salts spice up your bath time.

In this article we share methods of using your bath salts to relief stress, aches and pains.

There are several ways to use bath salts, depending on what you want to treat or whether you just need a totally relaxing bath, which is definitely needed once in a while.

And permit to say this, bath salts are not just for taking baths! Just in case you were wondering…

1. Detox Bath

If you need to relieve stress, this if for you. Bath salts are usually made of Epsom salt which helps to remove toxins from the body which in turn improves your health, relieve stress (lol, I said it), treat constipation and assist with weight loss.

This is literally the most healthy bath I’ve ever heard of.

To make a detox bath, using bath salt:

1. Fill the tub half full with warm water
2. Pour the salt into the tub, swirl then fill up the bath tub
3. Soak yourself in the tub for at least 12 to 40 minutes.

Essential oils can be added for additional aromatherapy benefits.

2. Relaxing Bath

For muscle aches, essential oils such as cinnamon bark oil which is known for it’s warming effect on the skin which helps soothe sore muscles can be added to the bath salt. The Process is same as the detox bath.

3. Energising Bath

For an energising bath, essential oils such as grapefruit, bergamot and peppermint can be included.

4. Skin Inflammation Treatment

For skin inflammations, essential oils such as tea tree oil known for its anti- inflammatory and antiseptic properties that helps treat eczema and minor skin infections can be added in with the bath salt.

5. No Bath Tub?

Add a few tablespoons of bath salt to a bucket of water and use it to rinse your body for your daily bathing ritual. Add in the relevant essential oil

6. Shower Scrub

For dead skin cells:
1. Put a quantity of bath salt into a bowl
2. Add your favorite oil (such as sweet almond, coconut, grape seed or olive)
and stir
3. Add essential oils
4. Add vitamin E oil and stir mixture into a thick paste
5. Scrub over skin when you shower and rinse off the mixture and enjoy softer

6. Foot Soak

Tired of having cracked heels, foot odour, pains in your feet? Bath salts are literally the go to solution for you. To use:

1. Add bath salt into a large basin of warm water and stir to dissolve
2. Soak your feet for 10 minutes
3. The shower scrub recipe can be used to remove the dead skin and calluses.

So next time you receive a gift box with a tub of bath salt, cringe not. Just follow our tips and enjoy some personal indulgence.

You can find some very indulgent bath salts in some of our wellness boxes pictured below.

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