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We know how much gifting means to you, and how stressful it can be to put together gift boxes for an event. We also understand that event gifting although time based still needs to be done right.

We believe that gifting is an art form and as much as it’s our job to create beautiful, well-curated gift designs specifically tailored to your event, it’s equally our mission to give you a stress-free and enjoyable experience where you don’t lift a finger from start to finish.


Ramadan Gift Boxes

Client: Private Individual

Intended Recipients – Friends and family 


When Mrs M approached us to create Ramadan gift boxes for her friends and family we were stocked.  Sharing joy was the main purpose of creating the The Lekki Gift Company and we were glad to be onboard a project that personified that.


We started with wooden fillers into our small open top wooden gift boxes to ensure a more traditional theme. Next we included treats that were sure to please, taking into consideration both the coffee and tea drinkers.

We finished off the goodies with custom mugs depicting the season. A gift note was included with a sweet message. The boxes were closed with gold coloured mesh with matching gold ribbons and our gift tags.

from the client:
“All our friends and family who got the boxes were super glad they did. I was most especially grateful that the delivery of the gift boxes were handled by The Lekki Gift Company.